AC Profin,spol s.r.o.

Accounting servises

What can we offer?

Organizing document

  • Preparation and organization of document circulation.
  • Internal guidelines.
  • Setting up the system with the needs of your company.
  • Training your working team.
  • Training Company management for usage and obtaining the actual results.


  • Regular contact according to the agreed intervals.
  • Ensuring scanning and saving PDF files into registers.
  • Accounting in accordance with legislation.
  • Maintaining assets and its depreciation.
  • Providing information for management of your company.
  • Preparing documents for VAT, road tax, real estate taxes and etc.
  • Preparation of statistical reports.
  • Preparation of management reports in line of the needs of owners.

The annual financial

  • Inventory of balance accounts.
  • Preparation of balance sheet and P/L reports.
  • Compilation of notes to the annual financial statements.
  • Draft tax returns of corporate income tax.
  • Cooperation with the auditor and tax adviser.

We also provide:

Payroll and personnel administration

  • Calculation of wages.
  • Calculation of social contributions and health insurance.
  • Calculation of employee's income tax.
  • Annual tax statements.
  • Contact with social and health insurance offices.
  • Contact with tax office.
  • Assistance with registration of foreign employees working in your company.
  • Monitoring of execution.

Economic and financial consulting

  • Preparation of documents for a loan.
  • Monitoring of subsidies.
  • Budget preparation.
  • Consultancy in the field of personnel administration.
  • Consulting in fundraising.
  • Negotiations with the tax office.
  • Arranging of possible tax deferrals, etc.

We are also able to provide services such as:

  • Economic consultancy.
  • Preparing analyzes, the results of the company.
  • Preparing management outputs.
  • We provide vat inspection reports.
  • Tax services are provided in collaboration with tax consultants.
  • Client representation in negotiations with and inspections of the tax office.
  • Checking financial accounting.
  • Consultation / participation in budgeting and calculation.
  • Preparing applications for the provision of financial and foreign currency loans.

Outcomes of our work are regularly provided in English.

Online accounting software OPTUS is also available to our clients.

Optus is being developed by 7Net Ltd. in cooperation with us. The system is designed with flexible approach to the client, with the simple controls and maximum comfort. The demands on the computer hardware are minimal.

Most major advantages are:

The system can also be adapted to individual needs

About us

Our team is a team of flexible, constantly evolving and friendly employees. We place great emphasis helpfulness and prefer a personal approach to the issue of individual clients.

History of company

We are here since 1992.

Establishment of the company goes back to the very beginnings of modern Czech history, when in the period after 1989 the possibility to legally set up a company opened. For these reasons, the current owner Ing. Zdeňka Kleknerová, with a diploma in accounting from VŠE Economics, Department of Automatic Control Systems, founded AC Profin, spol. s.r.o dealing with bookkeeping, accounting consultancy and automated data processing. The company provides these services to both Czech and foreign clients. The overwhelming majority are foreign companies or companies owned by foreign subjects operating in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Usually, companies bocome familiar with our company mainly based on the recommendations from our clients and partners from the ranks of audit firms. Among other things, the company also participated in the creation of several information systems, internal organization of the flow of documents and the creation of control in the organization of documents. In collaboration with 7Net Ltd. we created, developed and are still developing information system Optus.


Ing. Zdeňka Kleknerová


We cooperate with several dozens of Czech and foreign legal entities. We are bound by confidentiality and therefore we do not publish any list of clients, although their introduction would increase our professional credit.